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Join Ambassador Athletics Community as we research and explore community centers and social organizations on best practices on how they serve different populations throughout the United States. Ambassador AC looks to use the appreciation inquiry approach to serve communities. We are building a network of community service and engagement professionals, and with your help raising donations to make a difference in Detroit. We will return ready to collaborate to Be The Change with other amazing organizations looking to create a sustainable Healthier Detroit.

The Goal: Begin Change in Clark Park

Healthy Detroit, working directly with the surgeon general on a pilot project for the entire nation, is focused on revitalizing troubled neighborhoods in Detroit. They’re doing this by restoring parks and converting them into health and recreation hubs for communities. We can support their efforts by placing our centers in or near their initiatives, and our target is to start with Clark Park, where Healthy Detroit is currently working hard. With three schools adjacent to the park and the most diverse population within Detroit, this is a tremendous area to create positive sustainable change and be an example of how to service communities nationwide.

Near Clark Park sits an abandoned YMCA facility. This building is for sale and has tremendous potential. Based on the results of our research being gathered around the country right now, we’ll be able to assist Healthy Detroit in their Clark Park efforts while also giving tangible evidence to what we’ll be able to do throughout the city.

When you give to Ambassador Athletics Community, you’re giving toward our desire to repurpose the old YMCA facility into our first center at Clark Park. Please consider donating whatever you can to help us make this a reality. The more we can do, the more Healthy Detroit can do, and the more the community can do.

Campaign Video

Detroit is being revitalized. Through the tireless efforts of many, the economic outlook is on the upswing, the classic Detroit vibe is coming back stronger than ever and we can see progress being made.

However, many social issues have yet to be answered. Poverty, crime, education, community organization, abandoned properties and drug use are a few of the issues that need clear resolutions. While many passionate Detroiters are already working hard at solving these problems, there is always the capacity for additional help.

Community centers play a vital role in the stability and progress of a community, and we are in search of the essence of what makes an effective community center. Our goal is to find a proven model for how to successfully operate a community center, then take that model to as many communities as possible.

It starts with research. We’re hitting the road, coast to coast, to study social programs. We’ll learn what works, what doesn’t and how things can be improved. From this, we’ll develop best practices and initiate action in our first targeted center: the abandoned YMCA building near Clark Park. By getting members of the community involved and partnering with like-minded organizations, we can create long-term change. We can do much more together than we could ever do alone.

By attracting and building a large community, we can make a tremendous impact through the power of collaboration. We’ll be documenting every step of our journey through video, telling the story of how everyday people can succeed in making change when we all have the same goal.

Our Goals
  • 1
    Conduct Research

    Success depends on a strong plan of action, and that plan depends on effective and guiding research. We know community centers are a huge part of a stable community. What we’re out to find is how we can most effectively implement and operate a community center, giving us a proven model to take into new communities.

  • 2
    Bring People Together

    This isn’t something we can do alone. Nor can we wait for someone else to solve the problems for us. A community of like-minded people, focused on making positive change, is stronger than any one person. Detroit deserves it. Let’s be ambassadors for change.

  • 3
    Make a Change

    With extensive research, a well-thought-out plan and the help of millions of people who give even a little, we’ll see a huge difference. The Ambassador Athletics Community, working with other passionate Detroiters, will attack social issues with real solutions, one Detroit community at a time. We’re starting near Clark Park, and will expand from there.

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